About us

An Italian pão de queijo factory

Forno D’Italia is a frozen pão de queijo factory that produces a unique and unmistakable flavor. It was created by four Italian-Brazilian businessmen passionate about Brazilian and Italian cuisine. They learned from their Italian ancestors and preserved their love for the Italian culture and tradition.


We would therefore like to repay and honor our Italian family members who came to Brazil with hope and willingness to work. Our greatest desire is to offer you the authentic and homemade taste of our famous pão de queijo.


We aspire to disseminate the richness of Brazilian cuisine and culture by introducing a typical product that is versatile and can be easily included in the food routine of many other countries.


Our product is made from a homemade recipe, and meets all the standards of the Italian industry. That way, you can try this delicacy with the so valued Italian rigor and safety. Pão de queijo is a Brazilian national passion that we want others to know about and be as enchanted as we are!